Are Real Estate Agents Like Politicians?

Please Tell Me I Am Not Like These 2

Oh Man – this election has been a doozy! Thank goodness someone came up with drinking games for the debates. I would love to say that I have educated myself on all the political topics. Read enough to be able to follow along with each item they have debated, but I have not. I am not proud of that because it leaves me having to listen to these two candidates and try to figure out which one is full of less shit than the other.

Needless to say, I am not a fan of politicians and get pretty irate listening to most of them speak. I don’t do fake and I don’t do liars. So, I bet you can understand my disgust when I found out that real estate agents rank right alongside politicians (and car salesmen) as some of the most untrusted people in business. Ouch! Not so fun to answer the question of what you do for a living knowing they might be thinking you are like Clinton and Trump. I do not want people to jump right to the conclusion that I am anything like what they are watching on the debates or hearing about in the media.

So, this brings me to the point of writing this and the point of starting this whole newsletter. I may not be able to march up to the White House and make any big changes there. I may not be able to expose what politicians are lying about during their campaigns. I may not know the tactics they use to get your vote. But I can make sure my friends and family and their friends and family know the unethical things that happen in real estate and can spot the tactics real estate agents use to get business.

I do not want you to be ripped off, scammed, or cheated out of your money. I will write about it all. I will make sure you know how it all REALLY works in real estate. I will make sure you all know who I am, what I see, what I hear, and what can be done to make sure you are not a victim.

You can use this information personally and you can make sure the people you know and care about know what to look out for as well. I mean, I am a mom, it is in my nature to protect those I love. I cannot just sit by and watch as those in real estate work to take advantage of the people they are supposed to protect even when it is their own friends and family! It’s pretty sad really.

I also want to make sure you all know that there are good agents out there. Agents that can work hard for a living without taking advantage of you. They may not scream as loud as the others but they are there.
In politics, unfortunately, you can’t typically find an unbiased party to fill you in on the ins and outs of politics but you have one for real estate. I care about what happens to you. Let’s make real estate GREAT again!

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